Free Stand Cabinets (CABFS)

Produced in sizes 21”48U Width 600 or 800 mm
Depth 600, 800, 1000mm
Frame construction; 1.5 mm, 2 mm sheet steel
Color powder coated RAL (standard RAL 7035, 9005)
Door with swivel handle lock (single or mullpoint); other locks on request
Doors: perforated steel, vertically double doors.
Rear panel with bottom perforation as standard; optionally can be replaced by full range of doors.
Reversible door - easy re-hanging to open on right or left (at installation site)
Door opening angle 180°
Removable side panels with lock; easy access to installed devices, security, and fast installation and dismantling
Bottom frame with openings for cable entry (220x100 mm)
covered with removable blank panels; racks 800 mm wide have four additional covered cable entry openings (220x100 mm)
Top frame perforated for effective ventilation Ventilation unit can be installed in top frame Four sliding 19" vertical Mounting angles
Possibility to adapt 800 mm wide racks for installation of 21" equipment (on request)
Adaptor used for modification of 19" accessories for 21" mounting Adjustable feet as standard; castor wheels, lockable castor wheel, plinth, optionally
GND/earthing kit
Load rating max. 400 kg balanced load; 600 kg optionally Standard protection rating IP30; optionally lP41, lP20 when perforated doors used